The thing that makes a dog special is probably the fact that it loves its human in any circumstances and whatever behaviour (even unwelcome) it has to suffer. They love us unconditionally without setting limits or restrictions on the affection they give us. Horrible and responsible owners are loved, but not in the same way. There is a huge difference that could also change your life. A healthy, symbiotic relationship of respect and mutual love is perhaps the most beautiful experience you can have in the company of a pet. Without the arrogance of being exhaustive, here are three rules that can help you build a good relationship with your dog, which in return, will give you his precious life until death do you part:

Respect His Needs

The dog is a social animal who wants to have a purpose in life and wants to collaborate with his pack (or his family) on something that is useful to the pack itself. We cannot think of changing its nature and treating it like a child. Being on your belly in the air on the couch to receive cuddles, for the dog, is NOT happiness. It is deadly boredom, which often turns into “character problems” of various kinds, always translated in this way by the owners: “I don’t know why he does this…”.

Don’t yell at him every time he barks because someone is noisily walking past your house. First of all, he’s a dog. A dog barks. Stopping him from barking every time is against nature. He’s just doing his job, and he wants to protect you. Are you yelling at him because he wants to protect you? Let him do it every once in a while if he doesn’t bother the neighborhood, it’s his own business.

It’s a primary need of his to roll in the mud rather than have a designer coat. Don’t forget that.

Make Him Feel Safe

Your dog’s survival instinct can lead him to be afraid even of certain things that you know are harmless. You know that, but he doesn’t. Always making him feel safe is your responsibility, and you must not fail in your duty.

Always keep a close eye on your dog. Try to understand in every situation if he’s quiet, or if he doesn’t feel comfortable. If he is not comfortable, change places, reassure him, eliminate the source of stress or do anything else to calm him down. If, for example, you are in a playground, and your dog doesn’t seem to like the noise and lights of a merry-go-round, the screams of children and the anxiety of parents, go away! Don’t think, “It’s a merry-go-round, he can’t hurt him. He’ll get used to it. ”  It’s important to him, and by ignoring his discomfort you’re undermining his confidence in you. He needed help and you did nothing.

The Dog Talks, But We Don’t Understand

I would like to be able to say that it goes without saying that dogs should not be taken to concerts, social evenings, open-air discos or overcrowded clubs. Unfortunately, it is not superfluous. Many people seem not to understand that they are not suitable places for a dog. A dog does not feel safe at a concert, but it will feel like it is being bombarded by those deafening noises. Please don’t bring your dogs to these places. If you have friends who do, talk to them, and try to convince them to leave them at home.

Never Let Them Lack New Stimuli

As we have already said in article 3 ways to make your dog hate you, too often you see dogs being pulled to the left and right, who are prevented from smelling anything in their path. A dog needs to smell, because it is through his sense of smell that he perceives the world. Have you ever seen a dog smell a television set? It’s funny, isn’t it? Actually at that moment the dog is using its most developed sense to “understand the world”. Stopping it from smelling on a walk and tugging at it is not a good way to get loved. Do the opposite, let him explore (almost) everything he wants and he will be grateful.

Dogs living in the garden are not happy, put it in your head. The phrase “what need is there to walk it, it has a huge garden at its disposal” is ridiculous, it makes me laugh and makes me sad. Even with a huge garden, a dog is not satisfied. I would be willing to bet that if he could talk he would trade his huge garden for a daily walk outside.

The dog needs to walk and needs external stimulation. He needs to walk with his owner, and feel that he is “migrating” to some place. Even if you just walk around the block, try to make him experience this as a mini-adventure. I hope you’re not the kind of owner who actually goes around the block and then goes straight home, but if you are, at least think about reversing the direction. Go around the building clockwise and counterclockwise on alternate days to change your routine.

If you are a good responsible owner and want to go to heaven, take the time to take at least one long walk a day with your dog. Take the time to be with him/her and let him/her feel that you appreciate that moment too. You will build a fantastic relationship and you will not regret it.