About Us - Sarisegara

Sarisegara.com is one of the largest online websites about games from independent developers in the US. We help gamers who like small games, created with soul & passion, find games they will like.

What we do at Sarisegara.com

Listen to our users!

Our users know what they like. We make it easy for them to tell us, with comments, ratings, favorites buttons and shares to social networks. All these feedback helps us to make the website better.

Deliver fresh games

Every week we add more than hundred new indie games to our catalog. We present games from hundreds of independent developers, spread around the globe. Here you can find latest games for actual platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC and even 3DS. If you represent independent game studio just write us and we'll add your games to our catalog.


Sarisegara.com provides innovative functionality like:

  • Physical game sales charts divided by platforms and time.
  • Sales lists with game titles with a price drop.
  • Ability to compare different games.
  • And some more features under development.

Make industry bigger

Here in Sarisegara.com we also develop fantastic game projects. Our exclusive Unity SDK gives us the ability to make fun and exciting games in different genres.

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