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Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Review — On the Road Again

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a sim game for PC. It takes you on a voyage around the European cities and villages, as you deliver a valuable cargo. Being on time, staying awake all night, and piloting a huge 12-wheeler. Download Euro Truck Simulator 2 if all that sounds enticing.   

Hypnotic Trucking

Euro Truck Simulator 2 game is all about details. Every village, town, hamlet, and megalopolis of ETS 2 is a wonder. They are re-created after their real-life analogues with a stupendous amount of nuance.

From the UK to Slovakia, you’ll get to see areas, biomes, and climate conditions intrinsic to each specific area. In Aberdeen prepare to use the anti-mist headlights. In Italy turn right to see the Roma ruins near Ancona. In Latvia and Russia savor that brutal vibe of post-Soviet aesthetics.

The in-game radio will nicely complement your night ride. Here house and dancehall jams from the Netherlands and Denmark co-exist with quaint Balkanian music And Turkish love ballads.  

Challenging Trucking

Euro Truck Simulator 2 full game is all bout cargos. As a hard-worker, you’ll have to deliver air-conditioners, arsenic, mouse traps, canned sardines, empty wine bottles, illegal immigrants, and so on. 

Depending on the cargo type, you have to modify your truck. Some of the goods — like fireworks or contaminated materials — are dangerous. So, you get extra responsibility on the road, and avoiding any possible accidents and mishaps is a must.

However, Euro Truck Simulator 2 full game isn’t only about cargos. There’s also customization component, in which you can lovingly upgrade your Renault Magnum or Iveco Strails. But that requires money. And money is earned on the road.

If you do your work well, stick to the schedule, and avoid damage on the road, you’ll get handsome pay. In turn, this money can be invested in expanding your fleet. Long grinding will pay off ultimately when you finally build a whole trucking empire.

PC-friendly Trucking

Our Euro Truck Simulator 2 review recommends the game if you have a mid-tier PC. Being an excellent simulator, it has all of its gorgeousness packed in just 3 GB of disk space or so. There are no cinematographic, HD visuals. Instead, you get a solid, insanely detailed world with artfully re-created trucks. 

Just Awesome Trucking

If you download Euro Truck Simulator 2, you’ll get a nice way to get away from it all. There is something hypnotic about the highway stripes flickering as you’re about to make another hundred miles. A comfy armchair and a nice mug of tea will make your journey even better.

  • Graphics 4.5
  • Gameplay 4.5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 3.5
  • Very interesting singleplayer mode.

    Very interesting singleplayer mode.

  • One of the best games for PC

    One of the best games for PC

  • One of the most trending games right now! One of the most trending games right now!
  • Everyone enjoy playing this game Everyone enjoy playing this game
  • Our team recommends this game to play. Very insistently Our team recommends this game to play. Very insistently
  • You just can't miss this game! You just can't miss this game!

Euro Truck Simulator 2 FAQ

There's not a lot of questions about Euro Truck Simulator 2. Ask insistently in the comments so you can make it frequent! Yup,take me to comments
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