The fact that many people consider as true the circumstance that two dogs, since they are dogs, must necessarily play, depends on the fact that very often there is no denial. In fact, it often happens that two dogs meet, even in a domestic environment, and play happily.

In many other circumstances this is unfortunately not the case, and it is then necessary to “study” the situation to avoid possible unpleasant consequences. The phrase “bring your dog too!” should be used with full knowledge of the facts, and with an accurate knowledge of your dog, to avoid having to say the phrase “…he has never done this before!”.

Almost everyone knows that two males and two females are more likely to not get along, but this is by no means a strict rule. There are millions of exceptions of male dogs that get along well and the same can be said of females. So a first point to consider is: does my dog get on well with his same-sex peers? As a general rule, no, but there are hundreds of thousands of exceptions.

We have talked about a higher “probability” that accidents can happen. The problem is that, even for the friendliest dog in the world, there is a big difference between meeting other dogs in the park and having them in the house. The dog is an animal that tends to be territorial and never willingly accepts invasions from strangers, especially if they are rude. Who can blame them?

How To Bring Them Together

Here are some useful tips to bring two dogs together at home or prevent accidents by not bringing them together at all:

Make Sure That The Host Dog Agrees With It

His good character should not only refer to meetings in the park, but to previous experiences of “other” dogs in his house without incident. If we already know that our dog does not like to have “guests” in the house, it is better to avoid subjecting him to unnecessary stress and leave him alone. In these cases it is better to prefer a meeting in neutral territory at first.

Meeting In Neutral Territory

If the host dog has a good character but has not yet received his first visit from a friend in his house, it is advisable to bring the dogs together on neutral ground, before entering the house all together. If a friendship is formed, it is likely that the “landlord” will be more tolerant when “the intruder” enters the house.

Making Objects Disappear That Can Trigger Jealousies

Remove bones, toys, food bowls (water bowls you can and must leave it), can help to avoid misunderstandings. In fact, it often happens that the objects left on the floor in the house are the ones that stir things up. It is also advisable to avoid giving any kind of food or prizes at first, and maybe wait until the two dogs have settled into the new situation.