Today we talk about some interviews, conducted by Trupanion, an insurance company specializing in pet policies, and aimed at pet owners, including of course dogs.

The survey is about Valentine’s Day plans: for everyone the lovers’ day. Certainly the results of the questions leave little room for doubt, let’s look at them together!

The first significant data is related to the company for Valentine’s Day: more than 40% of respondents said they would rather spend this day with their pet than with boyfriends, companions, husbands and wives, etc..

Even 45% of respondents admitted that Valentine’s Day was also planned according to the dog or cat, which in this significant percentage are included in the plans.

On average, each of the owners said that they will spend 25 American dollars, just over 20 euros, to buy gifts for their pet: this means that in America about one million dollars will be spent on gifts.

Here are some questions asked with the corresponding percentage answers:

Who would you rather spend Valentine’s Day with?

  • With my partner: 47%.
  • With my dog: 30%.
  • With my Cat: 10%.
  • Other: 13%.

You’re giving your pet a Valentine’s Day present?

  • No: 55%.
  • Yes: 45%

What are you gonna give your pet?

  • Snacks and biscuits: 46%
  • Toys: 42%
  • Clothes: 6%
  • Other: 6%

How much are you gonna spend on Valentine’s Day on your pet?

  • 25$: 47%
  • $10 or less: 40%
  • 50$: 11%
  • $75 or more: 2%


As much as the day of lovers may be the right occasion to show love to our animals as well, we must never forget how important their safety is.

Valentine’s Day is in fact one of the most dangerous days for dogs from some points of view.

First of all, some absolute poisons could circulate in the house more easily: such as chocolate, alcohol or certain types of flowers. All things that could be ingested if left distractedly at home and cause even very serious problems.

Trupanion itself points out that in past years many customers have had this type of problem. Boxes of chocolates, rings, earrings and even underwear: on February 14th many dogs end up in the veterinary clinic for swallowing these things.

Simply, if there is something that could be dangerous in the house, try to keep it out of your dog’s reach, to live a carefree Valentine’s Day, full of love and fun.